the Bashful Bloom
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Dream-Laden Bough (Passive)

Hitting a champion or monster with a skill will deal additional max Health damage over time.

Blooming Blows (Q)

Cooldown: 4

Cost: 45

Range: 450

Passive: Lillia's ability hits grant d Move Speed for n seconds, stacking up to s times.Active: Lillia whirls her censer, dealing magic damage plus true damage at the outer edge.

Watch Out! Eep! (W)

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10

Cost: 50

Range: 500

Lillia winds up a huge strike, dealing magic damage. Enemies in the center take t damage instead.

Swirlseed (E)

Cooldown: 12

Cost: 70

Range: 700

Lillia lobs a swirlseed overhead, dealing l magic damage where it lands and revealing and Slowing them by {{ slowamount* 100 }}% for n seconds. If no enemies are hit, the seed rolls until it hits an enemy or collides with terrain.

Lilting Lullaby (R)

Cooldown: 130/110/90

Cost: 50

Range: 1600

Lillia causes all enemy champions with Dream Dust to become Drowsy for n seconds. Afterward, they fall Asleep for n seconds.When awakened by damage, they take an additional magic damage.