the Magical Cat
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Bop 'n' Block (Passive)

Periodically, when Yuumi attacks a champion, she restores mana and gains a shield that follows her, protecting her and the ally she's attached to.

Prowling Projectile (Q)

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7/6

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80/85

Range: 1150

Yuumi summons an errant missile that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit. If the missile travels for p second before impacting, it deals magic damage instead and slows champions for t% decaying over n seconds.If cast while Attached, Yuumi can control the missile using her mouse.

You and Me! (W)

Cooldown: 0

Cost: No Cost

Range: Global

Passive: Yuumi and the ally she's Attached to gain s + {{ adaptivestatsharing* 100 }}% of each other's Attack Damage or Ability Power, converted to Adaptive Force.Active: Yuumi dashes to an ally champion and Attaches to them. While Yuumi is Attached, she follows her partner's movement and is untargetable except from towers.You and Me! has a ns cooldown, but Yuumi can cast it anytime she is already Attached to switch between friends or Unattach.

Zoomies (E)

Cooldown: 0.5

Cost: 60/65/70/75/80

Range: Global

Yuumi heals herself for l to l, increasing based on missing health, and gains d% movement speed decaying over n seconds. If Yuumi is Attached, this spell affects that ally instead.This spell has two charges. Yuumi gains a charge every seconds.

Final Chapter (R)

Cooldown: 130/110/90

Cost: 100

Range: 1100

Yuumi channels for n seconds, launching s waves dealing magic damage (extra missiles deal {{ multimissilereduction* 100 }}% damage). Champions hit by t or more waves are rooted for n seconds.Yuumi can move and cast You and Me! and Zoomies while channeling.