the Joy Unbound
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Joy Unending (Passive)

Nilah gains increased experience from last-hitting minions along with the ability to enhance and share nearby healing and shielding from her allies.

Formless Blade (Q)

Cooldown: 4

Cost: 30

Range: 600

Passive: Nilah gains n Armor Penetration, and her Attacks against champions restore l damage dealt as Health. Overhealing from this is converted into a Shield for n seconds.Active: Nilah cracks her whip-blade, dealing c physical damage, increased by her Critical Strike Chance. If an enemy unit or structure is hit, Nilah gains 125 Attack Range and c% Attack Speed, and her Attacks hit in a cone as p physical damage for n seconds.d

Jubilant Veil (W)

Cooldown: 26/25/24/23/22

Cost: 60/45/30/15/0

Range: 150

Nilah envelops herself in mist for n seconds, becoming Ghosted, gaining {{ movespeedpercent* 100 }}% Move Speed, dodging Attacks, and reducing magic damage taken by {{ magicdamagereduction* 100 }}%.While active, touching allied champions envelops them in mist, granting the same benefits for n seconds.d

Slipstream (E)

Cooldown: 0.5

Cost: 40

Range: 550

Nilah dashes through a unit, dealing physical damage to any enemies she passes through.d

Apotheosis (R)

Cooldown: 110/95/80

Cost: 80

Range: 400

Nilah whirls her whip-blade, dealing p physical damage over 1 second, then finishes with a burst of c physical damage that also Pulls nearby enemies toward her.Nilah heals herself and nearby allies by t (+{{ spell.nilahq:critlifesteal }} Formless Blade) of her damage dealt to enemy champions\' Health ({{ otherhealingpercent* 100 }}% for non-champions), converting any overhealing into a Shield for n seconds.d