Empress of the Elements
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Royal Privilege (Passive)

Qiyana\'s first basic attack or ability against each enemy deals bonus damage.

Elemental Wrath / Edge of Ixtal (Q)

Cooldown: 7

Cost: 35

Range: 525

If Qiyana does not have an Enchantment, she slashes, dealing physical damage to enemies in a small area. If she does, this Ability gains extra range and an additional effect based on the type of Enchantment:Ice Enchantment: Briefly Roots, then Slows by {{ slowpotency* -100 }}% for n second.Rock Enchantment: Deals an additional physical damage to units below {{ critthreshold* 100 }}% Health.Wild Enchantment: Leaves a trail that turns Qiyana Invisible and grants {{ haste* 100 }}% Move Speed.d

Terrashape (W)

Cooldown: 7

Cost: 25/30/35/40/45

Range: 1100

Passive: While Qiyana\'s weapon is Enchanted, she gains {{ attackspeed* 100 }}% Attack Speed and her Attacks deal an additional magic damage. She also gains {{ passivems* 100 }}% Move Speed while out of combat near the corresponding terrain type.Active: Qiyana dashes towards a nearby brush, terrain, or river and Enchants her weapon with that particular terrain type. This refreshes Elemental Wrath / Edge of Ixtal\'s Cooldown.d

Audacity (E)

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7

Cost: 40/45/50/55/60

Range: 650

Qiyana dashes through an enemy and deals physical damage to them.d

Supreme Display of Talent (R)

Cooldown: 120

Cost: 100

Range: 950

Qiyana launches a shockwave that Knocks Back enemies and detonates when it hits terrain. The explosion follows the entire edge of the terrain, Stunning for between 0.5 and n seconds and dealing plus k max Health physical damage. Stun duration scales down with distance the shockwave has travelled.Any river or brush the shockwave passes through also explode after a delay for the same damage and Stun.d