the Iron Maiden
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Break the Mold (Passive)

Rell\'s Attacks and Abilities steal Armor and Magic Resist on hit.

Shattering Strike (Q)

Cooldown: 11/10.5/10/9.5/9

Cost: 50

Range: 600

Rell thrusts her lance, Stunning targets for n seconds, destroying all Shields, and dealing magic damage.d

Ferromancy: Crash Down (W)

Cooldown: 11

Cost: 40

Range: 450

Rell leaps off her mount, Knocking Up enemies for {{ spell.rellw_dismount:stunduration }} second and dealing {{ spell.rellw_dismount:dismountdamage }} magic damage. Rell gains {{ spell.rellw_dismount:shield }} Shield, which lasts until she remounts. Rell then enters armored form, gaining {{ spell.rellw_dismount:resistanceincrease* 100 }}% bonus Armor and Magic Resist, {{ spell.rellw_dismount:dismountedasboost* 100 }}% Attack Speed and {{ spell.rellw_dismount:dismountedrangeboost }} Attack Range, but is Slowed by {{ spell.rellw_dismount:dismountedmspenalty* -100 }}%. In this form, she can use Ferromancy: Mount Up.d

Full Tilt (E)

Cooldown: 15

Cost: 40

Range: 1200

Passive - Mounted Alacrity: Rell gains d Move Speed while mounted, reduced to y in combat. Active - Full Tilt: Rell and an ally charge, gaining ramping Move Speed up to {{ basems* 100 }}% over n seconds, this is doubled to {{ maxms* 100 }}% toward enemies or your targeted ally.Additionally, Rell\'s next Attack or Shattering Strike explode in an area for plus {{ percenthealthdamage* 100 }}% max Health magic damage.d

Magnet Storm (R)

Cooldown: 120/100/80

Cost: 100

Range: 200

Rell explodes in a magnetic fury, violently Pulling nearby enemies towards herself. Then Rell constantly Drags nearby enemies towards herself and deals magic damage over the next n seconds.d