Fury of the North
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Fury of the North (Passive)

After being out of combat, Sejuani gains Frost Armor which grants Armor and Magic Resist and immunity to slows. Frost Armor persists for a short time after Sejuani takes damage. Sejuani can damage a stunned enemy to shatter it, dealing massive magic damage.

Arctic Assault (Q)

Cooldown: 19/17.5/16/14.5/13

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90

Range: 650

Sejuani charges, dealing p magic damage to enemies and Knocking them Up for 0.5 seconds. The charge ends after hitting an enemy champion.d

Winter\'s Wrath (W)

Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5

Cost: 65

Range: 600

Sejuani swings her flail, dealing p physical damage and Knocking Back minions and jungle monsters. She then lashes out again, dealing p physical damage and briefly Slowing targets.Both swings apply stacks of Permafrost.d

Permafrost (E)

Cooldown: 1.5

Cost: 20

Range: 560

Passive: Nearby melee allied champions\' Attacks apply a stack to champions and jungle monsters.Active: Sejuani deals p magic damage to target enemy with 4 stacks and Stuns them for 1 second. d

Glacial Prison (R)

Cooldown: 130/110/90

Cost: 100

Range: 1300

Sejuani throws her True Ice bola, Stunning and revealing the first enemy champion hit for 1 second and dealing p magic damage.If the bola travels at least 25% of its range, it Stuns and reveals for 1.5 seconds instead. It then also creates an ice storm that Slows surrounding enemies by 80% for 2 seconds. All affected enemies take p magic damage.d