the Demon Jester
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Backstab (Passive)

Shaco\'s basic attacks and Two-Shiv Poison deal additional damage when striking from behind.

Deceive (Q)

Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10

Cost: 40

Range: 400

Shaco teleports and becomes Invisible for n seconds. Using Jack In The Box or Hallucinate does not break Invisibility.Shaco\'s next Attack while Invisible deals an additional physical damage. If striking from behind, this Attack critically strikes for d damage.d

Jack In The Box (W)

Cooldown: 15

Cost: 70/65/60/55/50

Range: 500

Shaco creates a trap that stealths itself after 2 seconds and lasts for n seconds. It activates when an enemy comes near or when revealed, Fearing nearby enemy Champions for n seconds, or n seconds for minions and jungle monsters.Once activated, the trap fires at all nearby enemies for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage, or damage if focused on a single target.Jack in the Box\'s attacks deal an additional damage to monsters.d

Two-Shiv Poison (E)

Cooldown: 8

Cost: 75

Range: 625

Passive: While this Ability is off Cooldown, Shaco\'s Attacks Slow the target by {{ slowamount* -100 }}% for seconds.Active: Shaco throws a shiv, dealing magic damage and Slowing by {{ slowamount* -100 }}% for seconds. If the target has less than {{ executehealththreshold* 100 }}% Health, the shiv deals damage instead.d

Hallucinate (R)

Cooldown: 100/90/80

Cost: 100

Range: 200

Shaco briefly disappears, then reappears with a clone that lasts seconds and detonates when it dies, dealing magic damage and spawning three mini Jack in the Boxes that trigger immediately. The clone deals {{ cloneaadamagepercent* 100 }}% of Shaco\'s damage and receives {{ cloneincomingdamagepercent* 100 }}% increased damage.Mini Jack in the Boxes deal magic damage, or magic damage if firing at only one enemy, and Fear for n second.d