the Unforgiven
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Way of the Wanderer (Passive)

Yasuo\'s Critical Strike Chance is increased. Additionally, Yasuo builds toward a shield whenever he is moving. The shield triggers when he takes damage from a champion or monster.

Steel Tempest (Q)

Cooldown: 4

Cost: No Cost

Range: 475

Yasuo thrusts, dealing physical damage. If he hits, he gains a stack for n seconds. While he has 2 stacks, his next use of this Ability fires a whirlwind from range, dealing the same damage and Knocking Up for y second.If used while dashing, this Ability strikes in a circle rather than a stab.d

Wind Wall (W)

Cooldown: 25/23/21/19/17

Cost: No Cost

Range: 400

Yasuo creates a drifting wall of wind that blocks all enemy projectiles for 4 seconds.d

Sweeping Blade (E)

Cooldown: 0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2/0.1

Cost: No Cost

Range: 475

Yasuo dashes through a target, dealing magic damage. Each use of this Ability grants k(%i:scaleLevel%) bonus damage to subsequent uses for n seconds, stacking up to s times.This Ability has a 10/9/8/7/6 second per-target Cooldown.d

Last Breath (R)

Cooldown: 70/50/30

Cost: No Cost

Range: 1400

Yasuo teleports to an Airborne enemy champion, dealing physical damage and holding all nearby Airborne enemies up for an additional n second. Yasuo also gains maximum Flow, but loses all Steel Tempest stacks.Afterwards, Yasuo\'s critical strikes ignore n% bonus Armor for n seconds.d