The Spark of Zaun
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Living Battery (Passive)

Zeri gains Move Speed whenever she receives a shield. When she damages an enemy shield she absorbs its energy, shielding herself.

Burst Fire (Q)

Cooldown: 0

Cost: No Cost

Range: 800

Passive: Zeri\'s Attacks are treated as Abilities and can be charged up by moving and casting this ability. Uncharged Attacks consume a small amount of charge, deal magic damage and execute enemies below d Health. A fully charged Attack deals + h max Health magic damage and consumes all charge.Active: This Ability is treated as an Attack. Zeri fires a burst of s rounds that deals t physical damage to the first enemy hit.d

Ultrashock Laser (W)

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8

Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Range: 1150

Zeri fires an electric pulse that deals magic damage and Slows the first enemy hit by {{ slowpercent* 100 }}% for n seconds.If the pulse hits terrain, it expands into a laser that applies the effects in an area and Critically Strikes champions and monsters.d

Spark Surge (E)

Cooldown: 24/22.5/21/19.5/18

Cost: 80

Range: Global

Zeri dashes a short distance and vaults over any terrain she touches, greatly extending the dash range. Her next 3 shots of Burst Fire pierce, dealing {{ pendamagepercent* 100 }}% damage to enemies after the first.Hitting an enemy champion with an Attack or Ability reduces this Ability\'s cooldown by t seconds. Critical strikes reduce the cooldown 2 additional times.d

Lightning Crash (R)

Cooldown: 100/85/70

Cost: 100

Range: 800

Zeri discharges a nova of electricity, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and gaining t stacks of Overcharge for each champion hit for n seconds. Each stack grants {{ mspercent* 100 }}% Move Speed. Hitting an enemy champion with an Attack or Ability adds a stack of Overcharge and refreshes its duration by t seconds. Critical strikes add 2 additional stacks.While Overcharged Zeri also gains {{ baseaspercent* 100 }}% Attack Speed and Burst Fire becomes a faster triple shot that deals an additional magic damage and chains magic damage + physical damage to nearby enemies. d