FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
What is SkillScore?

SkillScore tells how skilled a certain player is with a certain champion.

The SkillScore is calculated based on many factors, including but not limited to the general skill level of a player, how experienced he is with a certain champion and how he has performed with that champion in past games.

SkillScore is the sum of the following factors:

  • PP (Performance Points): The PP reflect how a player has performed with a certain champion in his past games. You can increase your PP by playing ranked games with a certain champion and pulling off a great performance (in relation to your average performance with that champion).
  • GP (Game Points): The GP reflect the experience and mechanics a player has with a certain champion. You can increase your GP by playing more ranked games with a certain champion.
  • XP (Experience Points): The XP reflect the general game knowledge of a player. You can increase your XP by leveling up your summoner to level 30 and by making progress in the Ranked SoloQueue.

Note that SkillScore does not depend on winrate, the actual game performance matters.

Why is the Account Creation Date no longer available?

With Patch 3.10 Riot removed this information in preparation for new security features. We deleted all old account creation data we previously had to respect their upcoming security features.

Why am I not listed in the toplist?

The toplist only contains summoners who have been searched at least once and meet some criteria. The exact criteria may change from time to time – they can always be found in the information box on top of the toplist page.

Note that the toplist is usually generated once per day. If you just searched for your summoner, allow up to 24 hours to make sure that the toplist regenerated since you searched for your summoner.