About LoLSkill

The idea of LoLSkill

LoLSkill was founded by Linnun in July 2013. But the idea of looking up matches and summoner data goes back further than the idea of LoLSkill. Linnun was already leading a German Teamspeak server for League of Legends players for a few years when one day he got the idea to make a bot for that Teamspeak server. The idea was to make the bot notice when someone goes into a game and edit the channel description to reflect the match that was currently ongoing within that channel.

After a while just displaying the game information wasn't enough anymore, and Linnun started to calculate and predict win chances of ongoing match. But in order to measure a win chance, you had to know how good a certain summoner actually performs with the champion he is currently playing – and that's how the first version of the LoLSkillScore developed.

Eventually the idea came up to create a website with these information. Since Linnun had the data, why not share it with the entire League of Legends community? This is how LoLSkill was born and it got a surprisingly high popularity within a short time.

Since the launch LoLSkill has grown pretty fast and quickly turned from a private homepage into a publicly known website. Thanks to everyone for supporting us!

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