Frequently Asked Questions

What is LoLSkillScore (LSS)?

LoLSkillScore (LSS) is a measurement invented by LoLSkill to determine the skill of a certain summoner with a certain champion.

The LoLSkillScore is calculated based on many factors, including but not limited to the general skill level of a summoner, how experienced they are with a certain champion and how they have performed with that champion in ranked games of the current season.

What does the circle with a percentage inside mean?

The circle with a percentage inside next to your champion stats and your match history indicates your overall performance with that champion compared to the average player's performance with the same champion.

A performance of 50% basically means that your performance is average. Accordingly, having a higher performance than 50% means your performance with that champion is above average.

I can not find my summoner!

Make sure that you selected the correct region and spelled your summoner name correctly. If your summoner name contains non-standard English characters, you may need to use the exact capitalization of your summoner name in the game client.

If you are still unable to find your summoner, please contact us and let us know your summoner name and your region, so we can have a look at this.

Why is my summoner profile outdated?

Creating and updating your summoner profile is a pretty complex process that takes alot of processing power. When we get alot of user requests at the same time, we might have to queue the requested summoner profile updates and work on them one by one. At peak times summoner profile updates can take a bit of time. Usually this process only takes a couple of seconds though.

Why am I not listed in the leaderboards?

The toplists only contains summoners whose profiles have been searched for at least once in the current season, and meet certain criteria. The exact criteria differ between the leaderboards.

Note that the toplists are generated once per day. If you just checked your summoner profile, allow up to 24 hours for the toplist to be regenerated.

Can I have my stream added to LoLSkill?

If you have a stream that is related to League of Legends and want to get listed in our stream directory, feel free to contact us and let us know the link to your stream, your LoLSkill account name and the language of your stream. Your account needs to have a verified email address and you need to have your main summoner verified on that account. If you do not have a LoLSkill account yet, you can create an account here.

If you are interested in becoming a partnered streamer, please introduce your stream to us and we will get back to you.

What are champion stats based on?

Matchups, items, spells, skill orders and other champion stats are based on millions of analyzed ranked SoloQueue matches.

We only count games of the past 24 hours and only show information with a big data set to make sure that only fresh and meaningful information are being displayed.