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Latest News

June 02, 2014

We have deployed a patch to our website, including:

  • (New) Game Lookup: Badges! Check out this Facebook post to learn more about badges.
  • (New) General: Free To Play Champions are displayed in the right sidebar
  • (Change) Summoner Lookup: Now the streams of streamers are also displayed while they're offline
  • (Change) Champion Information: Added the hotkey (Q,W,E,R) to the ability names
  • (Fix) Summoner Lookup: SkillScores for a champion no longer have a delay for recalculation (before the SkillScore of a certain champion was only recalculated once per day, even if you played him since the last calculation)
May 31, 2014

We have fixed a critical rounding error in the calculation of SkillScore.

Your SkillScores might have changed by a significant amount.

May 23, 2014

We have added a section for Livestreams to our website where you can find and watch League of Legends streams!

If you are a streamer with at least 1,000 concurrent viewers, feel free to contact us and introduce your stream to us, including your stream link, the summonername and the region of your main summoner and the language you stream in.

May 07, 2014

We have deployed a patch to our website, including:

  • Continued to redesign the website's layout (including fixes for low resolutions!)
  • Toplist: Added average comparisons to the stats (like in Summoner Lookups)
  • Toplist: Added performance indicator (like in Summoner Lookups)
  • Toplist: Slightly redesigned the layout of entries
May 05, 2014

We have deployed a patch to our website, including:

  • Started to redesign the website's layout
  • Added current champion and skin sales to the right side
  • Fixed an issue with Summoner Lookups for summoners with very special characters (like ç) in their summoner name
  • Fixed an issue with estimated game duration sometimes being far off in match history
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