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by Linnun on August 11, 2015

Ever longed for a champion or a skin and wondered when it will be on sale? We're presenting our new Sales Database!

In our Sales Database you can see when every skin and champion had their last sale, so you can estimate how likely it is going to be in a sale anytime soon.

We have also fixed a bug which sometimes caused outdated sales to be shown on the right side.

Go to our new Sales Database
by Linnun on June 23, 2015

Tahm Kench, the River King has been revealed and we have checked him out.

Click on the image above to get to his champion page. There you can find out everything about his abilities, damage ratios and more!

We will keep updating his champion page, so check back later to always get the latest information.
by Linnun on June 17, 2015

We have added a new feature to Game Lookups: For Ranked Team games, you can now see some information about the ranked teams, such as the current rank!

If you are frequently playing games with Ranked Teams, this may give you some additional information on how your team and the enemy team perform.

This is also great at helping you to see where your team is currently at while playing your placement games!

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Champion & Skin Sales

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440 RP
395 RP

487 RP
675 RP
260 RP

1st September 2015 - 4th September 2015