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April 19, 2014

Thanks for everyone who participated in our Feedback Survey! (You can still provide feedback!)

We have read your biggest concerns and started to work on them. Most notable changes within last nights update include:

  • Server stability was one of your biggest concern, and in the past few days we really had a few unlovely outages. You will be happy to hear that we have just applied a few changes that should help to greatly improve server stability!
  • We fixed the most reported bug in the Summoner Lookup: Sometimes after a namechange your summoner profile was not displayed correctly anymore – this should now be fixed!

We try to always listen to you! Provide your feedback and join in on discussions: follow us on facebook!

If the servers turn out to be decently stable within the next few days, we can also do more community games and giveaways again!


March 02, 2014

In game lookups you can now see the amount of wins of each player for each matchmaking queue!

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